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Frequently Asked Questions

Which cybersecurity certification should I get?

The types of certifications to get depend on your matched cyber work role through our website. Based on decades of experience, My Cyber Path picks the best and most durable certifications to pursue, relative to your matched work role and places those in your unique, curated pathway.

Do I need a degree to be in cybersecurity?

While having a degree can be beneficial and is often preferred by employers, there are many paths into cybersecurity. Certifications, practical experience, and a strong portfolio can also help you secure a position in the field.

Once I’m matched to my work role, what’s next?

After being matched to a role, the next steps involve undergoing specific training and certification relevant to that role. My Cyber Path offers guidance on the most effective progression paths to ensure your success.

I don’t know what cyber job I want? What job would I be good at?

My Cyber Path provides a comprehensive assessment based on your interests and personality traits to match you to a cyber role that aligns with your strengths and also provides a fulfilling career path.

Can I still have a cybersecurity career not being good at math, not being technical, and can't code?

Yes! Some specialized cybersecurity work roles eventually require technical acumen, coding, and mathematics but the majority of cyber jobs do not. My Cyber Path shows people how to enter and thrive in cybersecurity. There's a place for everyone on the cybersecurity team. You can do this! Get a pathway and let’s go!