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My Cyber Path creates custom career paths to get you where you ultimately want to be. We're your career companion to make sure you don't fail.
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Career Dashboard

Our helpful dashboard displays your matched cyber work role and tracks your career progress so you’ll know where to level up and when you’re ready to get hired!

Career Readiness Assessment

How cybersecurity career ready are you? Résumé ready? Interview skills sharp? LinkedIn profile set? Our career readiness assessment gives you a score so you’ll know when you’re ready to get hired.

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Résumé Assessment

All great résumés have nine main categories, and when those categories are expertly filled in, you are set up for success. Get past any AI-driven Human Resource résumé screener and get hired.

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Mock Interview

We offer one-hour mock interviews with a current hiring manager. Be prepared at each career level on the types of questions you'll be asked. Perfect your personal story to land the job.

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LinkedIn Profile Assessment

Presenting yourself and your résumé in the best way possible is key for securing employment. We provide individualized LinkedIn profile assessments with recommendations to update your profile.

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Career Fairs Listing

Once you’ve determined what job you want, the next step is securing it. Through our large listing of career fairs, find out about open positions and begin networking and connecting to find your next cybersecurity job.

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Soft Skills Assessment

Your career success depends on soft skills – how well you listen, reason, communicate, collaborate, and make decisions. My Cyber Path shows you the critical soft skills to focus on.

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Career Progress Monitoring

Once you've landed your job, My Cyber Path monitors your career, allowing you to track your progress over the years. Celebrate your growth, maintain your motivation, and use this valuable tool to make more accurate career decisions.

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