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The pathways are curated career roadmaps taking you from point A to Z. We match your interests and personality traits setting you on the exact right path for you.

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Assessed & Matched

Our unique algorithm matches your interests and personality traits to a curated cybersecurity career roadmap focused on the four elements that make up successful cybersecurity careers.

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Certifications show a level of technical competence, get the attention of hiring managers, and keep you current with industry accepted standards. Find a curated list of the most beneficial certifications for your uniquely matched cyber work role.

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Experience is the single most critical factor in your career success. But what experience should you pursue? Uncover the sequence of jobs to pursue from entry level to leading your field.

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Deliberate training is vital to a successful career in cybersecurity. Discover the best training vendors and platforms honed to deliver what you need for your work role without all the noise.

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Research shows that people who graduate are more likely to find gainful employment, have stable families, and be active and productive citizens. Learn about the best cyber schools according to the National Security Agency.

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The cybersecurity job market is vast and dispersed. Get distilled information to help you generate targeted, actionable job leads using the most prominent cyber career Frameworks that exist in the market - NIST NICE, DCWF, O*NET, CyberSeek, and ECSF.

My Cyber Path is built to match you to work roles that already exist in the cybersecurity industry. These organizations provide a common language that can improve communication and align expectations among employers, learners, and education and training providers in order to identify, recruit, develop, and retain talent.

We match your interests and personality traits to 12 archetypal work roles, setting the sails for your unique career journey.

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Cyber Leader

Cyber Leaders are people who have vision and inspire action in themselves and others to achieve success. Cyber Leaders understand all aspects of the team, the adversaries, and the operational context of the global cyber landscape.

Salary Range - $44,000 - $192,000* Unfilled Positions - 18,032*

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Cyber Planner

Cyber Planners take team goals and make them real, guiding their teams to victory. Cyber Planners understand the technical side of cybersecurity operations and create actionable plans to defeat the adversary.

Salary Range - $57,000 - $188,500* Unfilled Positions - 19,718*

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Cyber Strategist

Cyber Strategists drive team momentum. They understand the technical side of the cyber operations and the intricate dynamics of the cybersecurity landscape to give teams the ability to win.

Salary Range - $41,000 - $158,500* Unfilled Positions - 8,635*

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Cyber Analyst Human

Human Focused Cyber Analysts discover patterns and connect dots between humans who take actions in the cyber world. These analysts think like the hackers and analytically predict adversary intentions.

Salary Range - $45,500 - $142,500* Unfilled Positions - 26,200*

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Malware Analyst

Malware analysts study malicious code to determine the hacker's intent. There are very few people in the world who understand the code behind viruses, worms, and trojans. Be one of the few.

Salary Range - $41,500 - $133,000* Unfilled Positions - 565*

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Cyber Analyst Tech

Tech Focused Cyber Analysts discover patterns and connect dots between systems in the cyber world. These analysts know the technology hackers use to break into networks and how they hide in plain sight.

Salary Range - $25,500 - $152,000* Unfilled Positions - 874*

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Software Developer

Software developers are the creators of our digital world, bringing ideas into digital life. Developers invent the world around us, creating websites, software, and everything you see as you browse the internet and use your phone.

Salary Range - $41,500 - $159,500* Unfilled Positions - 940,380*

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Technologists understand the code of the Internet. They apply emerging technology to existing networks to expand people's ability to get things done. If Technologists don’t have a cyber tool to use, they make it!

Salary Range - $13,000 - $169,500* Unfilled Positions - 54,794*

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Infrastructure Architect

Infrastructure Architects design the digital platforms we use each day. They build the digital world in which we live. These people can also create dark web platforms to capture hackers and hacker activity.

Salary Range - $24,500 - $206,500* Unfilled Positions - 5,344*

Defensive Security Icon

Defensive Security

Defensive Security professionals stop the bad guys from breaking into the network. You’re part administrator, part technologist, and part protector. These people stop hackers in their tracks.

Salary Range - $29,000 - $161,500* Unfilled Positions - 54,254*

Offensive Security Icon

Offensive Security

Offensive Security professionals are ethical hackers. These people are able to break into networks and systems before the hackers do! You'll be a hacker, but hacking for the right side!

Salary Range - $50,500 - $163,500* Unfilled Positions - 19,892*

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Incident Responder

Incident responders are the first to action when there is a cyber breach. These people understand offense, defense, and cyber intelligence operations.

Salary Range - $41,000 - $181,000* Unfilled Positions - 7,182*

*Average salary from ZipRecruiter and job openings from CyberSeek.

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